Saturday, January 3, 2009


I finished World without end, I really enjoyed it, and was sad to be finished. Sometimes I do not like finishing books, it feels like there is a empty void. I keep thinking about the characters and then realise that I am finished the book and they are actually fictional. No I am not crazy lol. I picked up a Marian Keyes book last night but after WWE, it does not seem like it will be good enough. I have some other books on the book shelf I have not read yet: Anna Karenina (spelt wrong), A couple of Bryce Courtney's. Above is my a picture of my book shelf, I estimate that I have read about 3/4 of these. There are a few that have been there for years, but sometimes I think that if you do not read a book straight away, you may never get around to it. You know that book shelf seems so much smaller on computer but when you sit next to it, it feels like you have quite a lot of books.


KLS said...

YOu do have a lot of books! I have all my textbooks that I've kept on my shelves as well. I know what you mean about the void you feel after finishing a book. You're not crazy! Or maybe we both are?

Sarrah said...

Lol maybe we are! yes I have kept all of my textbooks too, a lot of people sell them, but I kinda think they should be kept. They are good to go back to and they also kinda show all that you have been through in your degree, all that hard work that has been done.