Thursday, February 26, 2009


That has been me this week, its had been crazy, every lecture has gotten to me in some way, that I feel the tears welling up. I look around and nobody else seems to be crying or overly upset. But I just can't seem to help myself, every story seems to touch me in some way, whether it is a story about CF, the Treaty of Waitangi or stories about midwifes from 20 years ago. I get emotional, oh well.

Pre Practicum day tomorrow (even though I do not go out till May) and then that is me for fours weeks, while half the class goes out on their practicum, I will spend the time doing my assignments. I am glad my placement in SCBU is not till May, as well as the fact it needed to be for childcare reasons. But I feel that there is no way I would have been prepared from the theory point of view. Babies are whole other kettle of fish.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exciting :)

Lost starts tonight ! It has been a really good week for TV in NZ this week. Grey's started on Sun, Mon was Desperate housewives and tonight Lost. Just waiting for ER.

For Health and Kawawhakaruruhau, we have three things to complete to pass the paper. An essay/ portfolio, presentation and exam. The essay/ portfolio is worth 45% and the exam 55%, while the presentation is a pass or fail.

Sooo I am trying to decide between the essay or portfolio. I HATE essays but the portfolio involves quite a bit more work. For the essay, one topic is chosen, while the portfolio involves researching three topics in newspapers, media etc. The topics are to be about health, affecting NZ society currently or recently and they need to be diverse. The three topics I have chosen for the portfolio are: The issue of being able to breastfeed at work, Banning smoking in playgrounds and child poverty in NZ. I have also collected about 6 articles / TV news items for each topic. However I saw a sample of a portfolio today and it was basically the work of two essays, so I am thinking of changing to the essay. I think I will probably focus on childhood poverty in NZ, as there is heaps of info available on this , I already have various articles, so will need to focus on text books and research articles, to be able to complete the essay.

I will decide tomorrow.
Night :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cruising on through

The week is going pretty good, I do not have to much to say. I have been pretty slack at blogging lately but will have a good catch up soon.

Had a pretty good day, I got a good start on an assignment. The classes were interesting today too. I am really loving communication, it is a real thinking class. I thought it was going to be the same old boring stuff again. You know the stuff you learn in high school about different kinds of communication (open, closed, body posture, eye contact, blah blah) but it is way more then that and it is really specific to nursing. I find myself really thinking about the activities and exercises we do and I am going to make a really good attempt to use everything I learn in my placement this year. A lot of the classes have focused on physical care in the past but this is a paper that really puts the icing on the cake, so to speak. I feel that it really helps to bring nursing care up from good to really good / excellent. If that makes any sense.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goals before class starts at 1pm :) or at least half of

1. Find a family developmental theorist.

2. Find a nurse or midwifery model.

3. Find three articles towards my portfolio on smoking, breastfeeding and unemployment due to the recession in NZ (they have to be three diverse topics)

4. Info on legal stuff for my childbearing paper - the family study one.

5. photocopy all of my assignments, put them in order of which are due first. I have done this, ha ha, the one that does not involve any thinking.

Week is going pretty good, I am actually enjoying the communicating paper the best, I thought it would be boring but it is fun, the lecturer is fun and it is a real thinking class, mainly looking at yourself, which I don't tend to do much, so it has been hard but pretty good too.

Good news, I got exactly what I wanted, I am in the second lot of placements (these are in May) and I am going to SCBU. Yay!!! This is one of the places I have said I wanted to go, since I started the course, and there are so many students, so I am very lucky to be going there. I am very grateful :)

Ok better get to work

Monday, February 9, 2009

First day back :(

And yes I really cant be bothered. The first class starts at 10 am. Sorry my mood is still low, so that is it for me today.

Oh one more thing I am in love :) with Edward Cullen. Yes I know crazy, he is a vampire and what more a fictional character but I just cant help myself (I saw movie and read first book in weekend).

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have just read a fellow bloggers post, Her family has been without power for 6 days and suffering through freezing conditions. I can't even imagine what that must be like or how I would even deal with that, and I really hope I never have too.

Yesterday the area in which I lived in reached 37 degrees Celsius (I think is about 98 Fahrenheit), and everyone was complaining, but how would we have felt in the conditions that are happening in Kentucky? Through this blog I have gotten to know people from all around the world, just through reading their blogs and it really puts things into perspective. My last blog was about something silly and nothing in comparison to what is happening in Kentucky. I guess I just had a reality check that is all.

I can't shut my mind off

I have had a really bad day, well it started it out pretty good. Ummm how do I talk about this without going into all the details. Oh I don't know I have typed and re typed this sentence.

I'm going to go now, I just can't get it out right now.