Saturday, January 17, 2009

It is hot again, today

about 30 degrees Celsius. We had a really nice swim this afternoon, maybe for just over an hour, really nice. I love it when you hop back into your clothes after you have been swimming, that nice feeling of freshness and that nice feeling of being so comfortable.

I have made plans to go for a run in the morning, at this stage it is all go but you know me, I will let you know if it happened :)

We took my grandmother on another picnic yesterday about an hour away from here, towards Taupo (not that that will mean much). It is an old farm and scrub lands that have been turned into gardens. When you arrive you get given a map and all the gardens have really neat names like the moon view, the Dee, the broad walk, still water pond. There is a cafe and a labyrinth. I made a picnic, it was really lovely. Although I think the heat may have gotten to her though, after all she is coming from winter in Scotland, which at the moment is minus 3 degrees Celsius.

Anyway goodnight, boring post, but thought I would call in anyhow.

Sat 9:27 pm


KLS said...

and we woke up to -1 temps here in Virginia. Want to trade places?

Sarrah said...

ummmm, no I think i will stay with the heat. I am a summer girl, cant stand winter :)