Monday, February 1, 2010

OK I am just going to ramble

I am scared I will not get a good New Grad position when I graduate, I keep getting visions of rest homes or Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (AT&R ward).

I love ED that is where I want to work, but they don't usually take New Grads halfway through the year, which is when I graduate. I was going to go to ICU for my last placement, but after talking to the RN that runs the NETP programme. She strongly suggests that I go to a ward for my last placement as that is where all the jobs will be, and I could miss out if I spent my elective in the ICU, when they will not be offering jobs.

She did say that if a New Grad position came up, they never put anyone in there who have not been there for there electives. So I would be in good stead if there was a placement as I went there for my last placement. ( I got really good feedback and told that they wanted me there as a new grad) BUT they just don't offer positions mid year. So if miracles happen maybe a position will come up and I could go for it, otherwise it will be a ward.

I don't know where to choose, I have three in mind orthopedics, a surgical ward that is mainly gynecology and urology or a cardiac ward. I really don't have a clue I have always stayed away from the wards, as I was not interested in that type of work. But now since the recession etc, etc, that is where I will more then likely spend my first 11 months as a RN.

Can anyone share with me what they liked / disliked about medical or surgical wards, or any recommendations on where to go, has anyone been to a orthopaedic ward? Did you enjoy it?