Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Text books

I brought my textbooks today for the semester.

They are:

Patient and person: developing interpersonal skills in nursing (communication paper)

Understanding health inequalities in Aotearoa, NZ and which I
already have: Cultural safety in Aotearoa NZ (these are for Health and Kawa whakaruruhau)

Introduction to maternity and paediatric nursing and the childbearing and children's study guide.

Not to bad cost just under $300.

It was quite funny because previously getting my textbooks was exciting, but the feeling this time was, here we go again heaps of work and study.

I also got my student ID but could not get pack with diary and calender, etc. It is not ready till Feb.

I think I also have to organise to do my first aid certificate. I think it is due to expire in Feb, they only last two years and you can not go out on clinical without one. In saying that though nobody has ever actually checked if mine is valid, wont leave it though, as this time would be the time I bet I would probably be caught out.

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