Friday, January 2, 2009

It is hot today

29 degrees Celsius.

Happy new years, we had a pretty good one, I was invited to a BBQ with some friends from tech, it was lovely. She lives at the beach, so we sat in front of the most beautiful setting, and ate and drunk. Then we went to beep beep ( which is a wharf area that has been turned into restaurants, pubs etc) I had not been out for six years for new years, and had a plan to drink responsibly and not have a hangover. I am proud to say it worked. I went to bed at 3am, woke at 7am, and wahlaa no hangover, tired but did not feel awful.

Just over a month to go until I start second semester of year two. I finally got my marks and timetable. I got one A-, one B and one B-, (which was 80 %, 75 % and 65%) not the best, but at least I passed.

Timetable is good only one 8am start on a Wed, so I not too worried about having to get S to school and me to tech. There are a couple of 5pm finishes, I was worried because I heard that S's school was stopping the after school programme, but found out that they are carrying it on,which is a huge relief, so Big S can get her and O at 4pm, when he finishes work.

The only thing I am worried about is that the first lot of practical is three weeks after we start back, it goes for a month and is right when big S is harvesting (80 + hours a week), as he is the one that looks after the kids the most (all grandparents work etc) I emailed the practicum manager and asked If I could be put in the second lot of practicum (in May, this is big S's quiet season and he is going to take couple of weeks holiday for when I do 7am to 3pm, we can manage 3pm to 11 pm, it is just the early mornings with getting kids to school etc). Anyway she said she could not promise anything, she actually really annoys me because I know of so many people that just walk into her office and demand that they be changed for such and such a reason, and when I send her a really polite email way before Christmas, she cant even promise anything. Anyway I have said what is bothering me, so I am going to try and keep it out of my mind and wait until placements are up before I really start worrying.

Fri 3:47pm

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