Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I think I have it figured out

Every time the rooster came near our fence, I threw cups of water at it, and sure enough it ran off. So as long as it does not hold a grudge and find another way to get into our property, I will keep an eye on the fence and make sure I have a cup of water handy. I think that might do the trick.

Had a pretty good night my parents and grandma (who is over from Scotland) came for dinner, and spent a few hours at our house. We had a game of pictureka (one of S Xmas presents), and just a general catch up.

Tomorrow a friend from tech who is in the same year as me, is coming over. The papers that I am doing this semester, she did last semester and vice versa. So we are showing each other our essays and assignments for the papers we have done, that the other is about to start. It is good, to be able to have a quick flick through someone elses papers, to get an idea of what the lecturers are after. Mind you this only helps if the person has been given a good mark, there would not be much point at looking at someones essay who had only been given 50% or something.

Tue 9:52 pm

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Christy ~ RN to be said...

Ok, so I have followed your blog and even have it on my page and never once put two and two together. LOL Can you say stoopid? Ha ha. Well, it's nice to formally meet you. Good luck with the rest of your schooling and thanks for viewing my blog. :)