Thursday, January 8, 2009

My timetable for semester two of year two....

is pretty good :)

10 -12pm Childbearing and families lecture
1-3 pm Sociology of health and kawa whakaruruhau 2 lecture (mouth full I know)
3-5 pm Professional communication in nursing lecture (this will be the worst I think)

1-3 pm Professional communication lecture
3-5 pm Childbearing and families

8 - 10 am Professional communication lecture
1-3 pm Sociology of health and kawa 2

10-12 am Childbearing and families
1-3 pm sociology of health and kawa 2

I pretty happy, would have been stuffed if all 8am starts, but thankfully not (Sophie/ school etc).

We took my Grandma to the beach yesterday, she is over here for 5 weeks from Scotland. It was a pretty good day, apart from when I didn't think that I would have to worry about the sunscreen on my legs and man you should see them, they are so sore, red and hurt like hell. Should know by now. The kids are fine, wore their rash suits, sunscreen and they always wears hats. NZ sun is a killer, really bad UV's from the hole in the ozone. At schools and day cares they can't play outside if they do not have a hat on. They also put sunscreen on them, never like that in my day but there are so much cases of melanoma now that they have really gotten behind the whole skin care and sunscreen campaigns. Which is really good, there is even an ad on TV, cant remember the exact pictures, just the words on the screen, "never let your kids get burnt" and then really graphic scenes of people with skin cancer, etc. It is quite powerful.

Thurs 7 pm


Misc. said...

What is kawa whakaruruhau? I tried to google it but I couldn't quite get the gist of it. Something about cultural safety?

Good luck with the semester. I am doing a childbearing family rotation as well...looking forward to it.

Sarrah said...

Hi, that is right it is cultural safety, year one focused on that and sociology of health in NZ and year two is sociology again and then is more about the Treaty of Waitangi (signed in 1840) between Maori and Pakeha. It is a huge component of Health care in NZ, actually everything in NZ.

Good luck with your semester as well :)

maggie said...

Talking about sunburns in the southern hemisphere, I had a bad experience. I wasn't aware that the UV level is so high there, so I did not put any cream or sunprotection on and went out for an island tour by bycicle under Feb sun. That nighy I had tingling sensation all over my body,aching throught the night so badly I hardly slept in Perth. It was my business trip as a flight attendant but the doctor told me that I should't fly with this condition since I got first degree burn. However, I had to fly since I had a girl to check otherwise she has to go on check flight again. It was painful experience and I leart a lot from that the UV level there is so strong.

Sarrah said...

I know it is really bad, my leg is still sore from last wed (almost a week)It has not peeled but is getting quite itchy.