Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lovely day

Silly computer ate my post this morning. I was having a whine about someone that is getting to me. You know the type, I call them energy suckers. Anyway it is complicated and they are doing it so subtly that nobody else would have a clue. So there is no way I can say anything, as I would look like the baddie. So I will just vent here. But as I decided this morning I was going to let it go and I did, but I guess not quite yet ha? As I am still talking about it. Anyway moving on.

I had a lovely day, I was invited over to lunch with a nursing friend. I took the kids and we had a really nice time. She is so lovely and I think out of all the people I have met in my lifetime she would have to be one of the most genuine.

I was graced with an actual sleep in this morning, as the kids stayed at their grandparents. Do you think I could sleep in, no way. Always the way a rare treat and you cant even have it. So anyway I decided to get up and I did an hour of exercise. I am also proud to say that this is not my first attempt since my break over the last few months either. I went for a run the other day, which was pretty good. It hurt to walk for two days but I guess that is the price you pay sometimes,LOL, especially when I have not exactly stuck to my exercise plan for the last few months.

Thurs 7:49pm

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