Monday, January 26, 2009

25 things about me

Ok, this is from some of the other blogs that I follow. I hope I can think of 25 things.

1. I am a bit of a clean freak, I have two showers a day, morning and night.

2. I was accepted into Nursing when I was 17 but stupidly did not go through with it, I then started it when I was 20 and pulled out and finally, at age 24 I started it and now I am halfway through. And there is nothing that will stop me from finishing it now.

3. When I was six I named our new cat, after me (yes my Mum let me lol) and she lived till I was 17.

4. My favourite book in the whole world would be Tully, there is something about that character that really got to me.

5. I have never really eaten red meat, apart from mince in patties, lasagna, meatballs, etc.

6. I love eggs on toast, and love the yolk runny.

7. I hate coffee and tea, and only rarely drink green tea or hot chocolates in winter. Otherwise summer it is manly water.

8. I only wear makeup when I go out, to party, etc. This is rarely, maybe a few times in 6 months. And I never ever wear it to bed.

9. I can't see very well so wear contacts or glasses all the time, unless reading.

10. I hate cockroaches and will cry if someone brings one near me.

11. When I was little I loved the Never ending Story and Labyrinth. I named another cat falcoe from the never ending story.

12. And would you believe the cat named falcoe had a sister which I named S (that is my daughters name) OK I am starting to realise how strange this whole cat thing is.

13. When I was pregnant with S I loved the smell of our washing powder and toothpaste, it was so good I wanted to eat it. How ever I did not.

14. When I was 15 I moved out of home for 3 months.

15. I love the beach and wish I could get there more.

16. I want to volunteer in a third world country when the kids are grown. Maybe Africa for at least 6 months.

17. I want to travel to as many places before I die, at this stage I can only count 2 countries on my list of places to go. Opps I mean on my places that I have been. NZ and Australia. How many countries are there? lol

18. I have had two MI's the first April 04 and the second Feb 07. They first thought it was the contraception pill but then the second one happened for no reason. I have had 2 angiograms and I have normal coronary arteries. After many tests which did not show much. They now query a blood disorder or coronary artery spasm. My blood is being tested in Sydney, Texas and here in NZ. At this stage they still have no answers. I am healthy and well and my only medication is 150 mg aspirin daily. I pray I never have to go through anything like it again.

19. As well as that I had a Pyloplasty (I know i have spelt it wrong) in August 06 after, I cant be bothered looking for exact numbers, but it would have been another 6 - 8 admissions with GA, because of blockages, pain, etc. In Nov, the surgeon finally realised that there was a piece of tissue left over from surgery which was stopping urine flow down the ureter. So another stent was put in, this remained there until Jan where I was told I would be in for an overnight admission, and straight forward procedure to remove the tissue. He cut my renal artery and I then spent 10 days in ICU. Missing on starting my nursing, I had to post pone to July. As I was also unable to walk much, due to pain and bleeding, for 6 weeks until the new stent was removed that they put in to make sure I healed probably. This was when I had the second MI also. Needless to say it felt like I hardly saw my children as I was in hospital so much. It was quite sad because it became normal for them that Mum was in or on way to hospital. It was a hard time but I got thorough it and know that the experience will make me a better nurse for it. (that is not to say that people who have not been in hospital wont be great nurses, I am just making that statement form my experiences and what I feel about myself) OK that was a long one.

20. At the same time my partner was in hospital for cellulitus. He cut his foot open on a farm motorbike, the doctor did not give him antibiotics. He was in hospital for three weeks. The nurses thought it was quite funny but they were so nice to us, at one stage we were even on the same ward. I had my own room, they brought us a TV, I was to sick to care, but Simon quite enjoyed being able to come and visit me.

21. I think one day I would love one more baby. I love the names Freya, Roomy (sounds like roamy), and Shelby and for boys Max, Luca and Thomas.

22. I would love to be a flight nurse at some stage of my nursing career.

23. I really want to go on and do post graduate work, I would love to get my masters and then my PHD.

24. I read a really good book called conversations with god and everything just seemed to make sense. I believe that there is more to life then being alive and then just dying and that we are gone forever. There must be more to it.

25. I love thunderstorms and stormy weather.


the star gurl said...

ah crap, I just commented myself...

Im tranferring it to your page, where it was originally spose to be lol

hey love heart!! yea I was gonna text you to say I've jumped on the blogging wagon! thanks to you! Was so good hanging out yesterday, Im sorry if i seemed a bit dopey, I was blinkin tired - hope to god I was making sense. I had so much to think about after I left you, you know you have a good friend when you leave them fired up and I really was! heres to a great year and being published!! lol xox

the star gurl said...

OOooo this is fun!
Oh and what do you mean you cant write!!! your blog rulz!! its (as koda would say) gangsta! ;)

the star gurl said...

me again, I love the 25 things, Its such a cool way to find out interesting things about someone.

Christine said...

#13... I did that too. The smell of dirt and Downey fabric softener were the BEST.

PICA to an extent.