Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I brought

some really comfy pants today, and they were half price so that was a bonus. I didn't feel so bad spending money, it's a bargain if their on sale, well that's what I like to tell myself anyway.

I feel pretty organized for school, have my stationary ready, I brought a new bag before Christmas for my books and things. The only thing I have left to do, is print out all my notes for two papers and get them bound. That way I have all my notes together and they are easier to keep track , also no heavy folders to lug around. I stole the idea from a nursing friend.

I started reading one of my textbooks last night, I don't think I will get into another book (fiction) before I start back. I made a pact with myself to only read fiction etc in holidays. It has worked out pretty good, I don't feel torn between having to study but wanting to finish a book. I read a couple of good books these holiday. My highlight was world without end.

And I have actually started my assignment, so that is good. The kids are going to my parents for the day tomorrow so hopefully I can get a real chunk completed.

Wed 1:44pm

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Megan said...

Yay!! My favorite part of starting the semester is getting all my notebooks, bags, and stuff...sounds nerdy, but it is nice to start with a clean slate:)