Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am an RN!!!!!

and have been working for five weeks!

The hospital where I live only had two positions for the 35 of us that finished in July. These two positions were in mental health, and I actually got one. I am really enjoying it, I start post grad study in Jan, which is all paid for.

I still cannot believe I am not a student anymore, I still feel like I am on a placement. My job is really good but so much to learn. I work 80 hours a fortnight, so it is has been hard getting use to that I was expecting to work 64 a fortnight.

Will post again soon, have been so busy, new house, car (my good old trusty died), new job, life bit stressful at moment :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

I sit state


So much to catch up on. I will soon, I promise.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who would have thought

I would do a nursing degree and not be able to get an actual job. There are no new grad programmes where I live and there are no positions for level one RN's either. So I have had to apply to other cities. Which even if I get an interview and the slim chance of a job (with the whole of the north island applying at the two DHB's that are offering new grad programmes), my whole family will have to move and I do not know if we are ready to do that.

So far I have sent away for about 15 jobs and about five of those have been we are sorry but we will not be offering positions to new grads until next year. Please apply back then.

I am so angry, there were positions last year for the nursing students who finished half way through the year. Just none this year. I don't know what to do. It pains me to say it but I have even applied at about six rest homes and they are all filled up to.

I am thinking I might do some post grad study until the 2011 applications open in Sept. But that still means that I may not have work until Feb 2011.

Buggar it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


My Internet has died, so unfortunately I am not able to get here as often as I would have liked, and school is soooo busy.

I am finishing my portfolio today, I have written over 6000 words which has been a bit overboard.

It is worth 60% of my final mark for the paper Leadership and Management.

I have one more week of study break and then am at a rest home with year one students for two weeks, then few more weeks study, then I am on electives and then I am finished. Arrrggghhh.

I will finish beginning of July and sit state July 20th.

Word of advice, if you have to put together a portfolio in your last year, start writing now, it is hard to be reflective on placements you did in year one. I wish I had recorded each experience as it happened, never mind.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Im scared.........

When I was in year one I was the perfect student, when I was in year two I was the perfect student, and then year three standards have slipped pretty far, I still got two A- and one B+ last semester. This semester is not hard but I have no motivation, I am tired, I have had two kidney infections in the last two weeks. I have two assignments due, that I cant write because I cant keep my eyes open due to the medication I am on. Things in my life have changed and I feel like I have more to juggle now. I am scared about graduating, why did I choose a career that does shift work when I have two small children, am I even going to get a job, am I going to feel better soon so that I can work on my assignments, CV and portfolio, learn interview techniques, apply for a job, prepare for clinical placement (my last one). ARRRRGGGGHHHHH

OK that felt good to get it out, change it round now, everything is going to work out, I am going to graduate, I was suppose to become an RN, I was born to do it, I will get a job, the kid thing will work itself out, good positive thoughts out to the universe :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tech is Blah.

Monday, February 1, 2010

OK I am just going to ramble

I am scared I will not get a good New Grad position when I graduate, I keep getting visions of rest homes or Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (AT&R ward).

I love ED that is where I want to work, but they don't usually take New Grads halfway through the year, which is when I graduate. I was going to go to ICU for my last placement, but after talking to the RN that runs the NETP programme. She strongly suggests that I go to a ward for my last placement as that is where all the jobs will be, and I could miss out if I spent my elective in the ICU, when they will not be offering jobs.

She did say that if a New Grad position came up, they never put anyone in there who have not been there for there electives. So I would be in good stead if there was a placement as I went there for my last placement. ( I got really good feedback and told that they wanted me there as a new grad) BUT they just don't offer positions mid year. So if miracles happen maybe a position will come up and I could go for it, otherwise it will be a ward.

I don't know where to choose, I have three in mind orthopedics, a surgical ward that is mainly gynecology and urology or a cardiac ward. I really don't have a clue I have always stayed away from the wards, as I was not interested in that type of work. But now since the recession etc, etc, that is where I will more then likely spend my first 11 months as a RN.

Can anyone share with me what they liked / disliked about medical or surgical wards, or any recommendations on where to go, has anyone been to a orthopaedic ward? Did you enjoy it?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Holidays almost finished

I go back for my final semester on the 15th Feb, although I was not looking forward to a twelve week holiday, it has been really nice. Christmas was lovely, nice and hot and sunny, beautiful food with nice family company. New Years was good, we spent four nights in Taupo, at my step fathers Bach.

I made a conscious effort to not do to much these holidays, as I guess I will not get a twelve week holiday like this again. I have spent the time with my children, read many books, and just taken each day as it comes.

I am still in disbelieve that I only have one more semester to go and I will have a degree, then I will sit state and become an RN, it is so exciting and scary!