Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There are a few farm animals at our new house, and I was OK with this until yesterday when S and I went over to the paddock, so we could clean the windows that face the paddock. The rooster flew at S and pecked and scratched her. Need to say we made a hasty escape. The sheep were nice, all they did were sniff us and lick my feet, Ewww.

Anyway, today we were sitting in the lounge and S came running in and said "Mum the chicken is coming into the house", I thought she was joking but got up to check and it was making its way through into the kitchen, arhhhh. I managed to get to the door and shut it. I then watched the rooster proceed to eat my vegetable garden, so we decided that maybe we should throw water at it to get it to go away. That didn't work, instead it ran at S (she was in front of me) and pecked her again, I didn't know what to do. I just picked her up by the arms and pulled her through the door. I knew that it was not scared of me as yesterday I had tried to scare it but it flew at me as well.

Well the chicken is back in it's paddock, however I am still scared. Is this chicken on a mission to torment us? I have closed all the windows to only a gap, in case it tries to fly in and I have a load of washing ready to go out, but I am to scared in case it comes back.

So how do I make sure it stays away? the cats were useless they just lay on the grass and ignored it.

Tue 2:29pm

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