Friday, January 30, 2009

I am feeling pretty good today

I had an appointment this morning that I was worried about but hallelujah it went wonderfully more then wonderfully actually. So I am in a good mood :) and it feels great!

I have been focusing on positive thoughts and putting them out into the universe (anyone read the secret or similar books) well you know it really makes you feel good and positive about life, which I think is pretty important.

My daughter starts school on Mon, these holidays have gone soooo fast. I was actually dreading them as they are so long, but it feels like I still have not had enough of a break. I have one week holiday left after primary school starts.

Fri 11:52am


the star gurl said...

OOooo Im so stoked it went well at the appointment, I've just finished reading all your posts, Its bloody brilliant, you're fantastic, thanks for sharing your life with us its really a massive privilidge(good spelling)and a huge thanks for trusting me enuff to let me know about your blog, freakn brill-yant mate! xo

the star gurl said...

hey again (Im obsessed with the site now) if you go into settings and under format you can set the time stamp for you posts.

KLS said...

I must've caught some of your positivity! It does feel great to feel good. Glad you had a positive visit with your doctor.