Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a lovely day :)

I have just spent a half hour on our front porch reading the Saturday newspaper and tanning my legs. Quite an accomplishment to have some time to yourself when you have a small family. But they are having a rest with their father, everyone is so tired, I think it is the change in seasons.

I have been counting down to my daughter S's first day of school on Monday We have been getting everything ready, my step mother finished her chair bag today, so I picked that up this morning. It is neat, a cupcake pattern and she had sewn S's name through the top. We have to get stationary on Mon morning at the school office. Part of me is sooo excited but the other part is sad. When I took her for a school visit before the holiday, I had to hold back the tears when I left her there for the day, so I hate to think how I will be on Monday. After that I have my first day back at tech. So hopefully I can pull myself together before i get there :)

We are down to the last week of classes for the semester, so it is quite exciting to think that I am basically half way through my degree. All that is left is four weeks of clinical and then exams. Our exams are really late this year (at the end of Nov) last year we had about a 12 week break but I think it will only be 8 weeks, this time. I am glad because I get bored at home and really look forward to getting back into it. Last Christmas holidays I did a paper in summer school, so that made the time go faster however there are no other papers offered this year that i can do.

Anyway better go the kids have just woken up, grumpy might I add.

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