Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomorrow I start Clinicals

for 4 weeks at a doctors clinic, I think there are about 6 doctors all together and two nurses at each time. I am a bit nervous, the last time I was in a medical setting was back in April, since then I have only been to a mental health placement (addiction services). It is only a 3 week day this week anyway, as today is labour day in NZ and Fri is my physical assessment competency. Anyway fingers crossed that I do not do anything stupid and make a fool of myself and I should be fine. I am the only student working there and I will only see a lecturer once a week, if that there not very reliable.

Better go, am taking my son for a bike ride around to his grandads.

Then I will come home and sort out my objectives etc for my first week.

Mon 9:25am

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