Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The plan is going well

Yesterday I handed in the physical assessment paper and the CF essay. I feel that I did pretty well and put in a lot of effort this time, so hopefully I get some marks better then the last ones.

I brought a swiss ball today. I think I have mentioned that I have been going to physio because of a sore knee, well turns out it was my back affecting my knee. So she has been working on that for the last week and now I have lots of exercises that require a swiss ball to do. She told me they were only $20 the price I had to pay was $40. Glad I brought it though I have an awful chair for the computer, so I am trying my swiss ball and it is quite good, keeps my back nice and straight.

Well I need to keep to my goals so better get off here.

Wed, 12:27pm

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