Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling pleased

Well since starting the week off in a slight panic, I feel that I have accomplished a bit of work. The day after my 3 essays are due, so it will be the 31st of Oct. We have a physical assessment competency. There are four systems they could test us on but we will pick one out of a hat. The systems are cardio, abdominal, neuro or resp. This week I have managed to learn each one and write the documentation for each one too. So am pretty pleased. On the other hand however I have not really made much progress on my essays and now guess what I am starting to get a bit panicky again. Time is moving way to fast. I don't really think people realise I get this way because I always remain pretty calm but its on the inside that my mind is doing the worrying. To top it all off I have got a cold, so even though I need to get a move on with my study, I feel to dozey and sleepy too actually do anything about it.

On a brither note my daughters weeks has been pretty good. Today when I left she did not cry. Yay! She seems to have had a good day, she got to choose a book bag yesterday and brought her first book home for reading. She was so excited.

Well I need sleep.
I am going to make myself a promise, tomorrow I am going to write all day (after i get back from the physio and dropping kiddies off, oh and I really want to vacuum and mop the floors, washing off course and a general tidy up, I am such a procrastinator) OK by 11am I will be at my desk studying.

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