Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well, it has been a slow day....

I have been slowly working on my physical assessment assignment. Last night I completed the Subjective Data section, and I have started typing it up today. However I feel that I need more information, so I have been reading through Jarvis for more information on questioning about functional health patterns, environmental health ( I am a bit stuck on recreational), self perception, stressors and values in life. I am really aiming for at least 80% (A-). As I am pretty disappointed with my last two marks, as I know I can do better and usually do do better.

I just don't know what is going wrong this semester. Am I just going through a rut? Have I been kidding myself thinking I can get through this with really good marks? Am I losing motivation? I keep telling myself I am half way through only 1.5 years to go. This semester has really taken it out of me though. I am finding it hard to have motivation. I always go to every class, and always look forward to class. But a few weeks ago I woke up and for the first time since i started the degree I could not be bothered going( I did go) but that's when the warning bells went off, and I have not been able to really get my enthusiasm back. I usually enjoy study and enjoy the different papers we have to complete. However lately I am just doing essays to get through and to tick each thing off, on my list of things to complete.

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