Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have to go to

work this afternoon, I soooo cant be bothered. I started working in a resthome hospital about a month ago, and I do 3 - 9 pm on a sun night, so I really should stop whinging. It's hardly anything, and the time flies.

This morning I tried to make porridge and I burnt it, I just made the kids some popcorn and that didn't really work either, I don't know where my cooking skill have gone, I use to be a great cook.

MY goals for the week are:
Finish physical assessment assignment
Go over my cystic fibrosis essay, check for mistakes
Hand these in on Tues
Then I will finish my Ethics essay by Thurs and take that over and hand in
Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon (Labour weekend holiday) I will revise for my clinical placement starting on Tue
I will also practice the cardio, resp, neuro, and abdomin assessments for Fri 31st,

So that's the plan, I want all my assignments in by thurs, they are not due to the following thurs but there is no way I want to be writing an essay after I get home from placement's.
Its just to stressful, I have seen other people do it and they are a mes.

Sun 10:42 am

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Kirsten S said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wow, you've got a lot going on for school! We don't have too much to do, for right now. I suppose as the semesters go on there will be more and more assigned. RIght now our major focus is studying for exams, we have one assignment due before the end of th4e semester, a group presentation, and a couple of online postings to our school website...oh, and can't forget the skills assessments!

Good luck getting everything done! I like to work ahead, and get the "smaller" things out of the way to focus on the big stuff.