Monday, October 13, 2008

The first day

I took S to school this morning for her first day. The morning didn't go to well as O would not get dressed and I got quite grumpy. But after we had dropped him off at pre school and S had popped into her old classroom to give her old teachers a present she had made in the weekend (oooooh shes so sweet). We got on our way to her new school. Everything went well until it was time for me to leave, she cried and came after me, grabbing onto my leg. Its hard when all you want to do is pick them up and say ok, there, there you don't have to go to school, come with me. However I know that I cant do that so even though it broke my heart I gave her a hug, kissed the top of her head, said I love you and I would pick her up this afternoon and I left, with the teacher holding onto her. Best practice I think to have it short and sweet, or else I would have been there for who knows how long, trying to say goodbye.

Anyway, I am at tech and I am suppose to be studying, obviously I am not. So I better make a start. I have to leave here at 1:45 to go to the physio and then go back and get S. I hope I have enough petrol, funds are a bit tight this week.

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