Saturday, November 1, 2008

I passed

I passed the physical assessment yesterday, I drew cardiovascular system out of the hat, not one that I was really confident with but I passed. So that's it, all that is left is 3 weeks at the health centre and two exams. One is worth 20 % of my end of year mark, that is for the adolescent and young adult paper. The other is worth 50%, and that one is for pharmacology and physical assessment.

Completed my first week of clinical, its good and interesting. But I don't think primary health is really for me, don't get me wrong, I would enjoy working there but when I compare it to the work I have done at the hospital, I felt 100% more happier at the hospital. This might sound a bit strange but when I was working at the hospital, it almost felt like I was at home, I am sure that will pass the more work I do there. But I know that is where I want to start my career as a nurse. In New Zealand primary health is becoming really big, that whole thing about prevention, and there are more and more jobs starting in that area, they are even starting new grad programmes now. Which is good, as they only use to be in the hospitals.

One of the annoying things about NZ is that we do not get taught to cannulate and take blood etc, until we have graduated and become RN's, which I think is stupid. Anyway my lecturer told me last week, that if the RN's and patients are happy, I can learn to take blood, even though we are not really aloud and if the Head of Nursing found out, I do not even want to think about what would happen. Anyway I have not yet said this to any of the RN's I am working with, they all seem to pretty much follow it by the book sort of people and I do not know what response I would got if I mentioned that I would like to learn as my Lecturer said I could. My friend who is at another health centre, got to take blood last week. She is having the best time and said that she did more things in her first day then in her whole hospital placement, while it has been the other way round for me this time. I suppose you cant get fantastic placements all the time, and this centre was good for me, in the fact that I start at 9am which gives me time to drop S off at her new school (the school starts at quarter to 9, all the other placements start at 7, 8, or 8:30) and it was really important to me, that she was settled in properly.

Going to go and watch the new Indiana Jones movie, it just came out on DVD here, so we hired if for the night.

Sat 8:37 pm

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