Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tonight is

Guy Forkes (is that how you spell it), but because it does not get dark untill about 8 pm and the kids go to sleep at 6:30, they will not see any. We are still wondering if we should get them up to have a look, but there are not really any down our street. Big S brought some but I think we are leaving them for the weekend.

I have been having a pretty good time at clinical, most of the nurses are pretty cool. The one that I worked with today, was pretty much letting me do most of the things needed in the consultations. The only things we are not permitted to do are Vaccinations, Smeer tests and Bloods.

In three weeks I have my final exams. One is for the adolescent and young adult paper and that is 70 questions, half will be mental health and the other half will be medial/ surgical. Then I have another exam which is 70 questions also and it is half pharmocolgy and half physical assessment.

So I think I will focus on pharmacolgical type things for my words of the day.

Because I always get these two mixed up:

Antagonist: A drug that is attracted to a receptor but does not activate it. Sometimes the word blocker is used to describe this action.

Agonist: A drug or naturally occurring substance that stimulates a receptor.

And one extra one:

Intrathecal: A route of administration where a drug is injected into the cerebrospinal fluid.

Well I started this ages ago but we got the kids up to have a look at the fire works, O didnt like them and went straight back to bed. It got quite windy and started to rain, so then we put S back to bed and they are both asleep again.

Anyway better go

Wed 9:06 pm

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