Monday, November 24, 2008

At tech studying

My exams start tomorrow and I am a tech studying, well trying to anyway, I get so distracted. I have really bad hay fever too and it is driving me up the wall, I use tablets and eye drops but they are not working. I have contacts in and my eyes are so itchy.

So far this morning I have been revising trauma, and shock.

Glasgow Coma Scale:
A score of less then 8 means a likely severe head injury.
The lowest score that you can get is a 3 and this would mean a very deep coma or death.
The highest score is a 15 and that is fully awake.

For a Trauma call to be made (this list is not complete, I have only picked out the main things)
It would have to be a status 1 or 2
Physiology would be: RR less then 10 or more then 29, BP less then 90 mmHg, GCS of less then 13.
There may be multiple casualties.
Injuries: of head, neck, torso, Flail chest, complicated pelvic injury, major crush injury.

Shock Types:

Cardiogenic and this includes obstructive
Circulatory, and this also includes septic, neurogenic and anaphylatic

Better go, sorry for mistakes and bad grammar.

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