Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm finished :)

Today was my last day, I cant believe I was there for a month. I think that must have been the fastest month of my life. I know I was moaning a bit a while back about how I was not really enjoying it, but I have to say that today I was quite sad to leave and when I think about it, I did enjoy myself. Sure there were a few times when I was over the whole thing but overall I learnt heaps, gained confidence in my clinical skills and now feel much more confident in my ability to become a future RN. The biggest thing I learnt in the last month was that I really love working with children, especially babies. They even said in my evaluation that I show great ability with children. This has strengthened my thoughts in specialising in pediatrics when I graduate. I have applied for clinical at the special care baby unit next semester and fingers crossed I get it, this is the one place that I have always wanted to go but heaps of people are asking to go there as well. I just pray that I get picked.

So anyway next week I have my final exams and that's me for about 10 weeks. What am I going to do with myself? I have decided that I want to make a start and get through a big assignment that we do next semester. I have got all the info for it , so know what I need to do. So hopefully I stick to that idea, as that is my goal for the summer holidays.


Kirsten S said...

YOu get to choose where you go for clinicals? I need to move to NZ! Good luck on your finals...we still have until December 16th foro urs. ugh

Sarrah said...

In year two we have been able to choose.In saying that though I did not get any of my 3 choices for the mental health placement but we are able to swap with other students so I did that. I have chosen Special care baby unit or the childrens ward, but the lady that does it will pull names out of a hat, as these are popular choices for the childbearing paper I am doing next year. I wish I was in the USA your program sounds so much better then ours.