Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One down

I had my first exam today and hopefully in the next hour or two I will know my results, it was a multi choice exam of 70 questions.

I also have received the three assignments back, I got 88% (A) for the physical assessment assignment. 82 % (A-) for the Cystic Fibrosis essay and boo hoo only 63 % (c+) for the ethics essay. Worst mark yet. But I think I will still get a B - for the paper when the grades average out.

It is pretty depressing so far I know I will not get an A for two papers (as the exam I did today I would have had to get close to 100% and that is highly unlikely), so fingers crossed I do well in pharm exam tomorrow and get an A for that paper (that is the paper that I got 88% in the essay, it was worth 50% and the exam tomorrow is worth 50%, and A- in NZ is 80%)

So my marks should hopefully be an A, B+ and a B-. Im still annoyed I did really well in year one, going to try really really hard next semester to pull my grades back up.

On a brighter note I had my mentor meeting on Monday, and she was really impressed with my work on clinical placement, especially with the babies and children, so she is recommending me to SCBU (special care baby unit), this is the place that I chose for my placement but seeing as it is so popular, the chances of being picked are unlikely. However if your mentor sends an email to the practicum manager then you should get put there, fingers crossed.

Also my mentor gave my name to the learning hub (extra support , tutoring service) to become a student tutor, and you get paid for it. I did really well in anatomy and physiology last year, and she thinks that I would be a good tutor for some of the students that are struggling with it.

Anyway I am at tech till 7pm, big S is picking the kids up from school and doing dinner, bath, bed so I can study for tomorrow, so better go.

Tue 3:45 pm

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Kirsten S said...

That's great news about your mentor putting in a good word for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...in thought at least! Good luck on the rest of your exams and papers!