Monday, November 3, 2008

Sick Kids...big sigh

Well, at 5:30am this morning, S threw up, it is policy that children do not go to school until it has been 24 hours since the last time they threw up. So I had to miss my clinical today, if my partner big S had been home, he said he would have stayed home to look after her, but he left for work at 4:30am.

As S was staying home, I though O could as well, well its only 9 am and I am slowly regretting that idea. He wants to play with S but she is in bed, as her tummy is still hurting and so he is very bored.

I had to make 4 phone calls, one to the health centre where I am working, one to my lecturer, one to S's school, and one to O's centre. If I have to make up the day, I Can do it on a Friday, as we have Fridays off, so that is not a problem.

I hate tummy bugs, I get so paranoid about germs, I clean the toilet, taps etc after they have been used by the infected person, with bleach. I had a tummy bug when O was a baby, it was horrible, I could not walk, and I was breastfeeding him, I wont go into any more detail but you can just imagine how horrible it would have. So now I go a little over bored on the whole cleaning thing. I do not want to take any chances.

Since I have the day off, I will be able to get a start on the study, as O will have a rest at some stage, and I do not think S is going to be up to anything much.

Fingers crossed that she is better by tomorrow, big S will take the day off work, but I would rather it did not come to that, as that will mean another sick day being used.

Mon, 9:23am

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Kirsten S said...

I'm really a ding dong...pratical assessment, physical assessment, whatever!

Need sleep...