Thursday, February 26, 2009


That has been me this week, its had been crazy, every lecture has gotten to me in some way, that I feel the tears welling up. I look around and nobody else seems to be crying or overly upset. But I just can't seem to help myself, every story seems to touch me in some way, whether it is a story about CF, the Treaty of Waitangi or stories about midwifes from 20 years ago. I get emotional, oh well.

Pre Practicum day tomorrow (even though I do not go out till May) and then that is me for fours weeks, while half the class goes out on their practicum, I will spend the time doing my assignments. I am glad my placement in SCBU is not till May, as well as the fact it needed to be for childcare reasons. But I feel that there is no way I would have been prepared from the theory point of view. Babies are whole other kettle of fish.


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