Monday, February 2, 2009


I have just read a fellow bloggers post, Her family has been without power for 6 days and suffering through freezing conditions. I can't even imagine what that must be like or how I would even deal with that, and I really hope I never have too.

Yesterday the area in which I lived in reached 37 degrees Celsius (I think is about 98 Fahrenheit), and everyone was complaining, but how would we have felt in the conditions that are happening in Kentucky? Through this blog I have gotten to know people from all around the world, just through reading their blogs and it really puts things into perspective. My last blog was about something silly and nothing in comparison to what is happening in Kentucky. I guess I just had a reality check that is all.


the star gurl said...

hey love, you ok??
we def catch up tomoro


the star gurl said...

OMG! Ive cut and pasted what you wrote cause I HAD to it was so bloody exciting! (what a geek I am). Its almost freaky because what you wrote about changing your mind from -finds out- to the searching is EXACTLY how I feel. Its such a process! time, learing, living, I absolutely LOVE what you wrote, jsut love it. I love when you said, 'when you become aware of become aware of others, isnt that what kawa is about?!! God, Im so excited, lol. you rock xoxo

I started to say until a person FINDS OUT WHO THEY ARE, but I thought, no that is not quite right, I personally feel that a person is always growing and can always be searching for the true meaning of life. I feel that learning about ones self is a continual process that may take a life time, it may not or a life time may not even be long enough to figure it out. But making that first step on the path to self discovery is the most important and when you start to become aware of yourself, you naturally are able to become aware of others, which leads back to nursing and being able to provide the best care possible.