Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goals before class starts at 1pm :) or at least half of

1. Find a family developmental theorist.

2. Find a nurse or midwifery model.

3. Find three articles towards my portfolio on smoking, breastfeeding and unemployment due to the recession in NZ (they have to be three diverse topics)

4. Info on legal stuff for my childbearing paper - the family study one.

5. photocopy all of my assignments, put them in order of which are due first. I have done this, ha ha, the one that does not involve any thinking.

Week is going pretty good, I am actually enjoying the communicating paper the best, I thought it would be boring but it is fun, the lecturer is fun and it is a real thinking class, mainly looking at yourself, which I don't tend to do much, so it has been hard but pretty good too.

Good news, I got exactly what I wanted, I am in the second lot of placements (these are in May) and I am going to SCBU. Yay!!! This is one of the places I have said I wanted to go, since I started the course, and there are so many students, so I am very lucky to be going there. I am very grateful :)

Ok better get to work

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