Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exciting :)

Lost starts tonight ! It has been a really good week for TV in NZ this week. Grey's started on Sun, Mon was Desperate housewives and tonight Lost. Just waiting for ER.

For Health and Kawawhakaruruhau, we have three things to complete to pass the paper. An essay/ portfolio, presentation and exam. The essay/ portfolio is worth 45% and the exam 55%, while the presentation is a pass or fail.

Sooo I am trying to decide between the essay or portfolio. I HATE essays but the portfolio involves quite a bit more work. For the essay, one topic is chosen, while the portfolio involves researching three topics in newspapers, media etc. The topics are to be about health, affecting NZ society currently or recently and they need to be diverse. The three topics I have chosen for the portfolio are: The issue of being able to breastfeed at work, Banning smoking in playgrounds and child poverty in NZ. I have also collected about 6 articles / TV news items for each topic. However I saw a sample of a portfolio today and it was basically the work of two essays, so I am thinking of changing to the essay. I think I will probably focus on childhood poverty in NZ, as there is heaps of info available on this , I already have various articles, so will need to focus on text books and research articles, to be able to complete the essay.

I will decide tomorrow.
Night :)

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the star gurl said...

hey love,
crap, I'll probably do the essay as well, no way! im doing heaps of work on a portfolio. so lazy. lol.