Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pretty good day today

I went on a home visit to a young women who was referred to a services by a court order, she is under beep beep and has been on home detention for 1.5 months. Then I went to a college and sat in on a session with two 15 year old boys who are getting into alot of trouble with cannabis use. The counsellor I was with was really good, and she let me have input in the sessions, which I really enjoyed. I felt like I asked the boys two really good questions and gave them something to think about in the following week, until their next session.

I heard something that really upset me and shocked me today, an 8 year old is being referred to the youth counsellors at beep beep, they have a history of solvent and cannabis abuse. They are in the care of beep beep beep (means they will be in a foster home). It just breaks your heart to hear things like that, the youth counsellors usually only have 12 - 18 year olds, so when something like this comes along it must be really hard on them emotional, as well as all the other issues that would come along.

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