Monday, August 18, 2008

I need to find a job

Big S my partner is the only one working in our family, I only study and so far this has been working but since price rises and petrol increases we are really finding it hard to get by. S is doing jazz and O has just started rugby for 3 and 4 year olds (its just a bit of fun on a sat morning for kids to have a bit of a run around) However these things costs money, not millions but it all adds up. I have been driving twice the distance 5 times a week for clinical placement and I still have another week and half to go. So I think I need to look at working, I have been thinking about sleepovers, where you sleep in peoples houses overnight, you only wake up if they need you. I thought it would be good because I wont be missing out on stuff with the kids as they will be asleep, I will be getting some sleep and making money. Anyway Ill have a look around to see if there are any vacancies in some of the agencies.

Today was good at A Services, my lecturer came and saw me, to talk about my portfolio, that is a bit clearer now. I went to a group for teenage boys who have offended and are on a programme for 14 weeks, and I sat in on a session with a 15 year who is wanting to give up cannabis. Looking forward to tomorrow, hope it is not going to be too cold a day.

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