Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi Again....

I have been trying to put a picture up but my computer is being a pain, so hopefully I should get one up soon.

I also figured that when I post it is not giving my time in New Zealand. So just for some boring info, the time is Sun 7:54 pm here.

I am back at a services tomorrow for my second week, it is good there the staff are really helpful and friendly. It's just that many people do not come for their appointments, so there has been a lot of spare time, which can get pretty boring.

I have to do this stupid assignment as well, it called a mental health portfolio, the first part is your prior knowledge, second is your objectives for the placement and the third is aspects of care. You have to choose four and use at least two people, we are suppose to interview them, which is basically impossible. When if they do come to their appointment, which is usually about an hour, their not really going to want to wait around while a student asks them questions. It just doesn't seem to be as easy as what the lecturers made it out be. Anyhow I am doing communication, pharmacology, assessment and models of care medical vs non medical. I am suppose to write about each one comparing it to the particular client I interview, confusing???? I know. I have one person to use, he is coming back this week for an appointment so I will ask him permission to use his notes and ask him a few questions. Why didn't I ask him on the first appointment? Because by the time I ran it past the counsellor I was assigned to that day, the man had already left the building and it would not have been very appropriate to run after him and ask, even though I really wanted to so I could get on with my assignment.

Anyway I will stop rabbiting on and hope tomorrow goes well and I get to sit on a few sessions. I am with the youth counsellor tomorrow, he seems really nice.


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