Monday, February 1, 2010

OK I am just going to ramble

I am scared I will not get a good New Grad position when I graduate, I keep getting visions of rest homes or Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation (AT&R ward).

I love ED that is where I want to work, but they don't usually take New Grads halfway through the year, which is when I graduate. I was going to go to ICU for my last placement, but after talking to the RN that runs the NETP programme. She strongly suggests that I go to a ward for my last placement as that is where all the jobs will be, and I could miss out if I spent my elective in the ICU, when they will not be offering jobs.

She did say that if a New Grad position came up, they never put anyone in there who have not been there for there electives. So I would be in good stead if there was a placement as I went there for my last placement. ( I got really good feedback and told that they wanted me there as a new grad) BUT they just don't offer positions mid year. So if miracles happen maybe a position will come up and I could go for it, otherwise it will be a ward.

I don't know where to choose, I have three in mind orthopedics, a surgical ward that is mainly gynecology and urology or a cardiac ward. I really don't have a clue I have always stayed away from the wards, as I was not interested in that type of work. But now since the recession etc, etc, that is where I will more then likely spend my first 11 months as a RN.

Can anyone share with me what they liked / disliked about medical or surgical wards, or any recommendations on where to go, has anyone been to a orthopaedic ward? Did you enjoy it?


LivingDeadNurse said...

everyone is different but med surge wasn't my cup of tea. You will learn a whole lot of stuff. I learned more in 3 months in med surge than in 4 yrs of skilled. But don't not try something because someone told you it sucked. you might find out you love it. I didn't like it because there was so much info thrown at me after i graduated from LPN that i felt over whelmed. i really want to do a cardiac ward or maybe ER when i graduate from RN i am going to do my preceptor in ER to get a taste of it to see if I like it...good luck

A NURSE said...

I did med/surg and it does get you familiar with the basics of what you will need in the rest of your career. It doesn't mean you need to stay there. I have been nursing for 33 yrs and have worked almost every unit (15 in L&D) in the hospitals I have worked prison nursing and now finally telenursing. I suppose it depends on what the hospital you will be working in is going to have available...strategic planning.
There will always be opportunities later in nursing and the more of the basics you have to ground you the better. If you come to canada there are tons of jobs here. Lots of NZ RNs here...