Thursday, March 18, 2010

Im scared.........

When I was in year one I was the perfect student, when I was in year two I was the perfect student, and then year three standards have slipped pretty far, I still got two A- and one B+ last semester. This semester is not hard but I have no motivation, I am tired, I have had two kidney infections in the last two weeks. I have two assignments due, that I cant write because I cant keep my eyes open due to the medication I am on. Things in my life have changed and I feel like I have more to juggle now. I am scared about graduating, why did I choose a career that does shift work when I have two small children, am I even going to get a job, am I going to feel better soon so that I can work on my assignments, CV and portfolio, learn interview techniques, apply for a job, prepare for clinical placement (my last one). ARRRRGGGGHHHHH

OK that felt good to get it out, change it round now, everything is going to work out, I am going to graduate, I was suppose to become an RN, I was born to do it, I will get a job, the kid thing will work itself out, good positive thoughts out to the universe :)

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It's just me :) said...

You are almost there. You WILL make it. I think when you have kids things tend to get a bit more scary. There are so many more things to worry about because you have to think about someone other than yourself. Things will always work out. Somehow, they will. ((HUGS))

Deep have made it so far already.