Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the essay question

Choose and describe a health issue requiring nursing action, that has a direct link to or impact on an adolescent, their family and society.

Critically review and analyse the literature on health promotion strategies initiated to comb
at the chosen health issue. Identify the relevance of the health promotion strategy to the adolescent population. Does it work?

Based on developmental theory and best practice guidelines, list all aspects of nursing care for your chosen clinical focus, prioritise 3 aspects which in you justified opinion are the main priorities of clinical care. Underpin this discussion with best practice guidelines.

I think I have researched enough, and have quite a lot of information, the only thing I cant find is a good website, database etc for best practice guidelines.

I have chosen cystic fibrosis for the healht issue.

Not havign a good week, I only got 67% (B) on my theorist essay, MY last three essays have been in the high 80's (A), It has been a bit of a jump from first year to second. The essay quesiton above is one of the essay, I also have two more, the three are all due on the same day and then the day after I have a physical assesment comptency to do.

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