Saturday, May 9, 2009

One and half days to go untill

I start practicum placement. I have heaps of stuff to do before then, but am starting to look forward to it.

I finished the conflict essay this week and did the two presentations. We did our Marae stay, so things are getting ticked off the list.

Next on list is family study and PNR.

I had to play two games of netball this morning, it was freezing, we had to be at courts at 8:15am. But it amazing how warm you get from just going for a short jog around the place. I still have a sore foot but not feeling to sore now. I played GD, WD and a tiny bit of WA. We lost but not by much about 4 points and we are really improving. Just bit worried how I am going to fit practice into practicum and study for next week because I am really enjoying it and have toned up quite abit.


Megan said...

Summer is almost here!! A well-deserved break for all!!

RN2BE said...

Not for me, it is almost winter:(