Sunday, May 3, 2009

Im sore

Played netball yesterday, we lost 12/ 25 it was a hard game at half time we were winning by 7/ 5. But I think due to our relatively new attempt at this game ( I have not played for 15 years) we just got to tired and some of us had injuries from during the week. So we just lost steam, well I know I did I played WD for the whole game and by the last quarter I was exhausted. This is due to my lack of fitness I think, anyway I am thinking of taking this week of, so I can concentrate on my study. It has been pushed aside for netball lately, we have been practicing heaps. It hurts to walk let alone jump around on a court, so I think I will have a break for the week. My clinical starts next week and that is more important to me then netball, I will be on my feet for 8.5 hour days (dont want to be doing that the way I am feeling at moment), and juggling kids, assignments etc, It is going to be an exhausting three week. To tell you the truth I am really worried, I feel like I have so much work to do and time is going too fast.

Anyway better go, I am trying to find a journal article on 'strategies to resolve conflict using the win- win approach, so far have had no luck. I have one but it is older then 2004 and the tutor really wants up to date research.

On my to do list:
1. Finish conflict essay ( Due 26th May) about another 800 words to go
2. Go over presentation for Marae stay this week ( 7th May)
3.Touch up my facilitating a therapeutic group assignment (due 12th June)
4. Arrrrh do my family study, huge assignment :( (due 16th June)
5. Arrrh do my PNR (Practical nurisng report) can only do while on clinical (9th June)
6. Study for two exams 15th and 18th of June
7. Finish year 2
8. Start year 3


AtYourCervix said...

I have the conflict resolution paper due in 7 days - haven't even started it yet! I feel your pain.

RN2BE said...

I feel for you too :) I have finished it but it was a bit of a struggle lol