Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The plan is working

This is my third day in a row at tech, even though I have no classes.

AND I just handed my first assignment of the year in, the relief is enormous once you get an assignment done and handed in, is it not?

I am well ahead of schedule, it is not due till the end of March, but things will be crazy when classes start back, so if I do not do my assignments now, the chances of a nervous breakdown later on are very high.

I am now onto the portfolio (I decided to stick with it since I had already collected all of the info for it). Oh great just having a read through and the words critically examine are staring at me. We have been taught this, yes but am I any good at it? NO

OK, plan B I am going to go and look at a couple of assignments that are on desk reference and then make my mind up, I want to start this assignment tomorrow. I am on a role here, and while the motivation is still coming, I am going to keep the work coming.

Lost is on tonight :)

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