Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello :)

I have not been here for a while, life is going along as it does. Children getting sick and having to stay home from school, so essays can not be done, three year olds turning from nice sweet boys into little terrors, locking keys in house, which means locking yourself out while still in pj's (yes that happened yesterday), an infestation of fleas, from all the humid heat in the last couple of months, ewww yuck, but thankfully problem is fixed and I am no longer having nightmares about fleas.

Sooo I am currently working on an essay, and I do not know when I changed my style, of producing essays, but for some reason I have become a real perfectionist this time around. For instance I spent 4 hours last week doing the essay and I only wrote 400 words in that time, as I had to make sure it sounded right and was perfect to me. Normally I am a get it written, read it a couple of times to check for mistakes and hand it in, but not this time, I am slowly meticulously plodding along to get it as good as I can.

This is the last week of my four week study break, not to pleased, the time has gone way to fast, and I thought I would have achieved way more, but never mind.

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