Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nurse Jacki

This just played here in NZ this week for the first time. I think it is suppose to be half hour episodes, but they are playing hour ones here (2 shows).

Anyway I really enjoyed it, found it to have a dark side, as well as pretty funny in some parts.

When it comes to summer in NZ there is nothing on tv, I have five channels but where I live only get three due to poor reception (in country). We can pay for sky which has heaps more, but as a student that does not really come into the budget.

At the moment all of my favourite shows have finished for the year: greys, lost, outrageous fortune. I cant think of anymore, ER is still playing (the last season).

While sitting here typing, I really should be doing my assignment, based on my clinical experience in the ED. We have to choose a condition / patient and pick three to four of what we think are the key nursing cares they were given. Then compare these (the nurse may have provided these cares or what we actually did, in accordance to hospital policy's) and compare them to best practice guidelines/ research etc.

I have decided to use chest pain. The four key areas of nursing care I am going to use are: assessment, pain management, ECG recording, O2 administration. I think, I change my mind frequently about what cares to do. Also because the assessment would have been done in triage, and then the patient would have been brought through to the ED. I have chosen my patient, and got consent etc, but everything does not seem to be fitting into place yet.

After this assignment I have two exams and then summer holidays for three months, then one more semester and I am FINISHED !!!!!! Hopefully I will find a good job, there are not many to pick from here due to the recession, and I can not move out of the area. There will be jobs in the hospital and I am sure I will be able to get one but it will not be in the area I am interested in because they take intakes for these at the start of the year not midway when we are due to finish. Anyway I will find out more around March next year.

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