Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flu vaccinations

I got mine this week and decided to get the kids done as well. We have never had one before, but last year they caught Influenza B and were sick for a week, not like ever before, they didn't move from bed. So I decided to have them vaccinated this year. Apparently they are saying that it is going to be a pretty bad year this year for the flu and heaps of people are going to get it. I am on clinical, when flu season starts and I know so many students that have missed a few days to a week because of being sick, that I do not want to risk it this year. The vaccine only covers three strains of the virus, that they think will come to New Zealand ( I have no idea how they work that out) so you can still catch other bugs and it takes two weeks to build up enough antibodies, to protect you, so you can still get sick until then.

I also completed my third hep B injection last month, so this week I had a blood test to make sure I was immune and I am. So that is good, I did have the vaccination about 10 years ago but for some reason, it had worn off or other reasons etc.

Had something else to say but cant remember.

Have been pinching myself (not literally) that in a few months I will be in year three. Woohoo! The thought of becoming an RN is in my sights and becoming reality.

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Christine said...

I got the flu shot in October and got the flu in March! It was my first time getting the vaccine. I'm just bitter because it ruined my spring break. Of course no one in my house got the flu when I did ( they did not get the shot) Of course they all got a crazy cold in February that I didn't catch so who knows!