Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great day :)

Today I opened an envelope that I thought was my marks and it was a congratulations letter, saying that I had been awarded a $3000 scholarship to pay towards my fees.

I could not believe it. I don't know if I mentioned it, but about a month ago I applied for a $750 scholarship. I thought there would be a slim chance in me getting the award and what do you know I received an even better award.

This is really major for me, I never really achieved well in high school, I did not get good marks and watched year after year people getting awards and scholarships, that seemed totally unattainable for me. Now I have actually become somebody that I never thought I would become. I always looked at people that received scholarships as being really academic and really good students. Getting this is such a huge achievement for me and I still cant believe it has happened.

This has really given me the drive I need, knowing that people are backing me and can see that I have potential is such a good feeling.

Thurs 7:51pm
Still no news on my marks :)


KLS said...

That is awesome!!! I know what you mean about not making the grade in high shool and finally feeling like you're doing the best you can! Good for you!

maggie said...

Wow! You did a good job!